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Algolia Advanced Search

We have partnered with Algolia to make searching instant, typo-free and incredibly customizable. You can build your first search index in seconds.

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Unlimited Category Levels Icon

Unlimited Category Levels

At PaceKB, we don't cap the depth of categories, allowing you to create as many levels of categories as you need for more complex knowledge bases.

Multiple Categories Per Article Icon

Multiple Categories Per Article

With PaceKB, you can add articles to multiple categories if they are applicable to more than one place. This feature enhances the visibility of your articles, making it easier for users to find the information they need.

Tags To Sort Articles Icon

Tags To Sort Articles

If you need further organization beyond just categories, you can create tags with PaceKB to more clearly organize your content. These tags are also included in your meta tags for SEO purposes.

SEO Friendly Icon

SEO Friendly

Every aspect of PaceKB is designed with SEO in mind, from customizable URLs to the necessary meta tags that enable search engines to easily index your website.

Internal & External Knowledge Base Icon

Internal & External Knowledge Base

Create separate Knowledge Bases for internal and external audiences, allowing for the storage and sharing of private internal knowledge as well as public-facing knowledge for customers.

Free Expert Help Icon

Free Expert Help

Receive round-the-clock support for setting up and configuring your Knowledge Base. This service is provided by Knowledge Base experts who can assist with any questions or issues.

Advanced Analytics Icon

Advanced Analytics

We offer a list of site analytics that you can use to identify areas where your Knowledge Base is performing well and where it can be improved.

Public API Icon

Public API

We offer a public API for PaceKB Professional users to integrate with. Included in the API is article, tag and category management.