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Enable 24/7 Support With
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PaceKB makes self-help support solutions available to your customers, reducing your average support time.

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PaceKB Dashboard Preview
PaceKB Dashboard Preview

Advanced WYSIWYG Editor

Our editor is built to include all the necessary tools for writing the best knowledge base articles possible.

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SEO Optimized

We instantly optimize your knowledge base for SEO and enable the tools for you to customize how articles appear.

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AI tools to enhance productivity

Run your knowledge base more efficiently using our advanced selection of AI Tools.

Article Generation
Title Generation
Article Summary
Article Improver

Multi-Language Support

Available in 25+ languages, your knowledge base can be used by anyone on earth.

🇬🇧 English🇩🇪 Deutsch🇫🇷 Français🇵🇱 Polski🇮🇹 Italiano🇪🇸 Español🇳🇱 Nederlandsand more...

Available for a wide range
of use cases

Customer-Facing Knowledge Base

Enable customers to find support instantly with a customer-facing Knowledge Base.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Showcase your frequently asked questions to keep customers informed on your product.

Internal Documentation

Document internal processes and hide them behind authentication with a PaceKB Protected Knowledge Base.

Using a Knowledge Base for a Customer Facing Site


  • Article Read Time Icon

    Article Read Time

    Show a automatic calculated article read time on article lists to show users how long it will take to read the whole article.

  • Article Comments Icon

    Article Comments

    Enable article comments for your Knowledge Base articles for collaboration between your readers, and another source of feedback.

  • AI Article Summary Icon

    AI Article Summary

    Automatically summarise your articles using AI with the AI Article Summary integration.

  • Article Guide Icon

    Article Guide

    Guide users through articles in a particular order with the PaceKB Article Guide integration.

  • Export Article to PDF Icon

    Export Article to PDF

    Enable early access to the article sidebar hosting an export to PDF function, allowing for users to download your article in PDF format.

  • Share Article Icon

    Share Article

    Want to get more exposure for your Knowledge Base articles? This integration will enable readers to instantly share articles on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Was This Article Helpful? Icon

    Was This Article Helpful?

    This feature allows you to add a widget to the bottom of your articles that prompt readers to say whether the article was helpful or not.

  • Recommended Articles Icon

    Recommended Articles

    Allow your customers to learn more about your product by showing recommended articles at the end of the article that you customer is currently viewing.

The PaceKB Dashboard

Dashboard Analytics

View your performance at a glance

Best In Class Editor

No more writing basic articles!

Tools To Work Smarter

Manage content in seconds not hours

Customize With Ease

Get your knowledge base exactly how you like it

Level-Up With Integrations

Tailored to meet your expectations

Security Matters

User Roles. Permissions. Audit Logs.

PaceKB Dashboard with advanced analytics available

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