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Top 7 Knowledge Base Tools

Top 7 Knowledge Base Tools

Ben Jenkins

Ben Jenkins

8 October 2023

Knowledge Bases have become an essential part of business. By taking the most commonly asked questions and collating them in a centralised repository, we can provide customers with instant support ultimately boosting customer satisfaction and response times.

In this post, we will review the top 7 PaceKB knowledge base tools to help you get off the ground. As a reminder, you can start your free PaceKB Knowledge Base today for free. See more here.

Search and Replace

The PaceKB Search and Replace tool can instantly replace text across all your articles. Here’s how it works:

  1. You enter a search query and select whether it’s case-sensitive or not.
  2. You select all occurrences found that you want to perform a replace on
  3. You enter text to replace the found text with and commit it.

The full process takes less than a minute and is great if you’re looking to standardise terminology across articles or have recently undone a branding change.

AI Article Generation

Gone are the days of meticulously planning every article you write. With PaceKB you can use our latest invention: AI Article Generation. By simply providing two pieces of required information (and one optional piece) we can write an article that meets your expectations and is free of grammar mistakes.

Here’s a demonstration of the AI Article Generation

To get started:

  1. Create a new article
  2. Click the “Generate Article” button
  3. Enter the required information
  4. Click submit and the article will begin writing!

AI Article Summary

AI Article Summary is a way of providing readers with an instant single-paragraph summary of your article. This allows for quickly seeing what the article achieves instantly without having to read it all.

You can enable AI Article Summary through your PaceKB Integrations page and it’s available to PaceKB Professional subscribers.

The PaceKB Link Manager regularly scans all your articles to find all links. Once we collate a list of links, we check each one individually to ensure they’re working. You can then see a list of all broken and valid links through the PaceKB Link Manager.

This is great for ensuring your content remains up-to-date and free of any broken links. The results of a broken link-free site involve huge SEO benefits. Here’s a quick look into how it works:

AI Title Generator

It’s sometimes tough to think of a descriptive and informing title for your Knowledge Base articles. With PaceKB we solve this for you with our new AI Title Generator.

By scanning your article content we can suggest a title that would best suit your article and be both enticing to readers, descriptive and fitting for your content. Here’s a demonstration:

AI Article Improver

The AI Article Improver is a great way to instantly proofread your article. We will take your whole article content and fix grammar mistakes as well as make it clearer.

Article Review Dates

The Article Review Dates tool is a way of keeping track of articles and ensuring they’re up to date. By defining a review date on the article you will be notified by Email and PaceKB Notification that it’s ready for review on the day that you specify.

This is great for maintaining an up-to-date Knowledge base, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction.


We hope this post has informed you of some of the incredible ways PaceKB can transform your business. You can get started with your FREE Knowledge Base today by visiting