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The future of PaceKB – v2 Dashboard

The future of PaceKB – v2 Dashboard

Ben Jenkins

Ben Jenkins

29 May 2023

When PaceKB launched we always knew that our dashboard would be temporary and that we’d need to re-think how everything looked to continue on our trajectory of becoming the #1 Knowledge Base provider. Less than a month after launch we started re-designing PaceKB’s future, and now just over two months since launch we’re almost ready to release. We have been working hard around the clock to build a dashboard that’s scalable, standardised and has an incredible user experience.

Today in this post we’re ready to reveal what will be launching with v1.5.0 (v2 Dashboard update) coming in ~1 weeks time. We promise this update will make creating a Knowledge Base simple, and quicker than ever.

Dashboard Design

We’ve not really changed much with the dashboard of PaceKB, as we have plans to make this infinitely better in the future with the introduction of customisable per-user dashboard layouts, over 10x more widgets to choose from and much faster. However, the new design looks great compared to previously.

The introduction of the Global Sidebar located on the right side of the screen is future-proofing PaceKB as we continue to release multi-knowledge base support and other pieces of software in the future. You can see the icon of the site that you’re currently editing, followed by your global profile image that will be usable across all PaceKB products in the future.

PaceKB Sidebar

PaceKB’s sidebar is exclusive to PaceKB and features a list of major pages that you can visit, along with quick access to our new version changelog popup, our Knowledge Base and a dark mode switcher. We also have a bold section at the bottom of the sidebar which changes based on your current plan and shows how much time you have until renewal.

Dashboard Content

The only major difference with content on this dashboard is the introduction of a global search bar that can search across articles, categories and tag entities. You’ll instantly receive results as you type making navigation easy that ever.


Settings has introduced a secondary sidebar to navigate to pages used to customise your Knowledge Base. These include

  • Settings
  • White Label Settings
  • Billing
  • Users
  • CSS Overwrite
  • Navigation
  • Beta Features

All of these pages can be accessed easily and we’ve made the whole process much quicker than before.

We’ve also split Beta Features up as previously even if a feature was in production it was still sat in this list. You can now access production-ready features using the Integration tab on the PaceKB sidebar.

Beta Features will continue to be shown in the settings page as they’re not quite ready for production.

Article Editing/Creation

We’ve completely re-designed how articles are created and edited from the ground up ready for masses of new functionality coming very soon.

The core article title has been moved to stand-out at the top of the screen, accompanied by the action buttons located on the right side. We’ve also scaled up the article content editor by over 5x as previously is was not big enough. Speaking about the article editor, we’ve also added a bunch of new functionality so you can customise articles in more ways than ever before including line heights, video embedding, all heading types and more…

All information that’s non-essential has been moved to the right side in a scrollable sidebar, and we’ve also added grouping ready for the new functionality coming soon such as SEO tools.

New Functionality

Some of the new functionality we’ve adding on top of the re-design includes:

Icons added to data tables throughout the system
WYSIWYG editor for new Long Description option in Categories and Tags
Are you sure you want to delete prompts added everywhere
Article counts added to Categories and Tags list
Views count added to articles list

Other changes include:

  • Mass deleting of articles, tags, navigation items and categories
  • Better calibration of WYSIWYG editors vs the output
  • And more…

We look forward to sharing this update with you, and we’re sure that you’re going to love it!