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PaceKB Referral Program

PaceKB Referral Program

Ben Jenkins

Ben Jenkins

4 October 2023

In September 2023 we unveiled the latest feature in PaceKB as part of our 30 days of improvement challenge. Since first launching in March 2023, we’ve strived to be different from the rest and do everything better, and this was no exception.

When we initially started designing a referral program earlier this year we had three main goals

  1. Be as highly rewarding as possible
  2. Be as flexible as possible
  3. Be as open as possible

Every aspect of the PaceKB Referral Program had to follow these three core goals, and we’re so glad to finally show you how to make money easily with no commitments.

High Recurring Payments

As mentioned as our first goal, building a system that offered high rewards was essential for us. We initially started with a 15% rate, however quickly realised this was not fair. When someone goes out of their way to make a referral it’s only fair to raise the commission to 25%.

Most companies will only ever offer a commission split on the first payment after a referral program however, we’re going further with a commitment to pay you for as long as the referred user is subscribed to us.

Our Professional plan is $169.99/mo. Assuming you refer one user on the PaceKB Professional plan that pays monthly, you’ll receive $42.50 in your balance every single month. We did not just want to stop at 25% recurring payments, here’s how we’re also making it even better.

Earn Per Site Not User

That’s right! Your payments will be on a per-site basis, not per user. This results in a much higher payout than previously demonstrated. If the user you referred also had 4 products, each with a different Knowledge Base, you’ll receive $170.00 per month. The rewards of being a PaceKB referer are huge!

We’re also actively seeking to engage with frequent referrers to offer further gifts and rewards for promoting the use of PaceKB. We’re incredibly grateful for your support ❤️

No Requirements To Join and No Fees

We wanted to make the PaceKB Referral program as easy to join as possible and remove the bureaucracy preventing most referral programs from paying out. Here’s what you can expect:

No Requirements To Join: We don’t require any validation process, just simply sign up and begin earning straight away. The only thing we ask is that you abide by the advertising rules of platforms when promoting your referral URL, and do not engage in any negative behaviour. If your account is found to be violating these rules it will be terminated with the pending balance locked for withdrawal.

No Fees: We do not charge any fees when making a withdrawal, however sometimes our payment processing provider (Stripe) may take a small cut. We’ve also lowered the minimum payout to just $50 USD so two months of PaceKB Professional referrals will get you your first payout!. We have an unlimited cap on the amount of earnings you can receive whilst promoting PaceKB so fear not exceeding a cap!

Live Referral Dashboard

It’s incredibly important that you have a way to see your impact in real-time. We designed a new Referral dashboard for seeing:

  1. Link Clicks
  2. Pending Balance
  3. Site Sign-Up Count
  4. List of Referred Sites

As users click on your link these numbers will update to reflect. The list of referred sites shows each site currently registered under your referral URL, Total earned (USD), Current site plan and Date Joined.

You can use the built-in paging functions for navigating between pages and filtering your referred sites. Accessing your Referral dashboard can be done via the global sidebar by clicking the money symbol, highlighted by “Earn Money” when hovered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get started?

You can sign up via the PaceKB Website. Once registered you can visit the referral program dashboard using the money icon on the sidebar.

With the high referral rewards, are they likely to change?

Whilst we will never rule out changes to the referral program as our business evolves, we will make one strong commitment: Every referral you have leading up to the change will stay earning at the rate you signed up for.

This means if you were receiving $2,500 a month in referral rewards per month before, you’ll continue to receive the same amount until those referrals unsubscribe or downgrade their plan.

Can I refer existing customers?

Unfortunately not. Your referral URL will only work if the customer signs up using your link. If they do not use this link during sign-up we will be unable to facilitate the referral rewards.

Can I contact you for support?

You can reach out to us at any time via the PaceKB Live Chat. This is located on our website or your PaceKB Dashboard.

Tips and Tricks to Maximize Referral Earnings

  • Explain the benefits of using PaceKB when sharing your URL.
  • Encourage referred users to book a demo with us if they’re unsure of how to use our product.
  • Do not come across as over-encouraging when sharing your link. This can seem ‘pushy’ and result in a negative impact.
  • Be empathetic.
  • Test PaceKB yourself to educate yourself on our features and how they can be useful. We have an extensive Knowledge Base of guides to help:
  • Only use PaceKB-approved advertising material.

Get Started Today

By starting today, you have nothing to lose! Sign up within minutes and get started on your journey of becoming a PaceKB Referer. If you run into any issues or have any questions, let us know using our Live Chat. We’re available around the clock to assist.