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PaceKB 2024 Website Refresh

PaceKB 2024 Website Refresh

Ben Jenkins

Ben Jenkins

31 January 2024

We’re thrilled to introduce the newly revamped PaceKB website, a transformation aimed at enriching your experience and streamlining your journey through our platform. With a keen focus on usability and aesthetics, each page has been redesigned to not only look better but also to make information more accessible and interactions more intuitive.


The homepage, being the initial touchpoint for new visitors, received special attention during our redesign efforts. Our aim was to streamline the introduction to our vision, making it straightforward for users to grasp and then seamlessly guiding them towards signing up.

We’ve incorporated several dynamic features and animations to enhance user engagement, including:

  • Animated borders highlighting key elements
  • Interactive hover animations
  • Full mobile optimization, addressing the limitations of our previous design

Additionally, we’ve introduced new interactive features to the homepage, such as:

Algolia Search Demo

Experience our instant search functionality powered by Algolia, featuring real data from our Knowledge Base, enabling you to test it live.

Analytics Preview

Interact with our analytics demo by hovering over the graph to get a feel for our analytics interface.

In line with modern design trends, we’ve also embraced a Dark Mode, offering an alternative to the classic Light Mode.

Pricing Page

Our approach to revamping the pricing page centred around simplicity, coupled with the option for users to delve into more detailed information if the user chooses. This led to the adoption of a two-tiered structure: straightforward pricing cards at the forefront, followed by a comprehensive pricing grid below.

The initial pricing cards are designed to provide a quick overview, highlighting the key features and target audience for each plan. Below these, the detailed pricing grid allows for a side-by-side comparison of all features across different plans, categorized for ease of understanding. We’re delighted with the final result and believe it aligns perfectly with our goal of making pricing information accessible yet detailed.

Features Page

The features page, currently in its initial phase, has been launched with two significant sections that are pivotal to understanding the depth of what we offer. Our objective with this page is to provide a detailed exposition of PaceKB’s capabilities, ensuring users have a clear understanding of the tools and functionalities at their disposal.

As we look ahead, our vision for the features page is big. We anticipate introducing our new trailer that showcases PaceKB, offering a visual and engaging overview of our platform. Additionally, we’re planning to enrich the page with dedicated links to feature-specific pages, such as an in-depth look at our AI-powered tools, to offer a granular view of each unique capability.

Blog Pages

The transformation of our blog pages was driven by a clear necessity for a more functional and engaging design, as the previous layout no longer met our evolving needs.

Among the notable enhancements, we’ve introduced a feature that allows readers to navigate through content with ease: Blog Categories. This addition not only enriches the user experience but also organizes our posts into easily digestible sections, ensuring that you can find the content that matters to you most with minimal effort.

We’re excited about these changes and confident that you’ll appreciate the improved clarity and usability of our new blog pages, designed with your needs and interests in mind.

Let us know what you think about the new re-design via our Social Media profiles!